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Three generations of the Anglo-Poitou family of Vivonne, from 13th century “Poitevin mercenary captain” to 14th century “recalcitrant lady”

26 September 2009, 09:10, by Margaret

Thank you for this note about Hugh de Vivonne’s daughter Heloise.

However, according to


she was not Walter’s second, but his only wife, and so the mother of John de Wahull.

Because of the apparent distance of this branch of Hugh’s desendents from his Poitevin origins, I haven’t followed it up. But perhaps it would explain why Heloise’s coat of arms turn up later in Scotland?

If I understand the coat of arms correctly, Boulogne and Malet would have come together with the marriage of Heloise and Walter, but do you know where the La Marche (Lusignan?) element comes from?

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